Save time and expenses; focus on your business by entrusting unpaid debts to the experts. Fill in our simple form to get started.

Overcome disputes, delays and excuses by engaging with debt collection agents. Take away the stress and be safe in the knowledge you have experts fighting to get your money back faster.

Save time and expenses; focus on your business by entrusting unpaid debts to the experts. Fill in our simple form to get started.

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Recover Business Debts

Having unpaid business debt / commercial debt can be tough on companies of any size. The longer business debts remain unpaid, the more it affects liquidity and cash flow. Business debt collection offers a stress-free alternative as experienced collectors have the knowledge and experience to communicate with your debtor. Specialists also have the knowledge to communicate the legal position of any B2B debt to ensure they know the law sides with you.

Whether you have a portfolio of debtors or are chasing a single invoice, you can have access to the knowledge and persistency you need to achieve a result. Complete our easy form and get started with improving your cashflow by reconciling unpaid business debts.

business debts

About Us

We provide a full suite of debt recovery services, including, but not limited to:

Credit Control
Debt Collection
High Court Enforcement*

* these services may be provided by a third-party.

Why choose Debt Collection?

Cost effective solution

As a professional service, debt collection is extremely cost-effective. Debt collection offers you a team of highly-trained professionals dealing with all areas of contact, collection and mediation giving you peace of mind in knowing your debts are being handled.

Access expert knowledge

Choosing debt collection not only saves you time and money, it also gives you the true specialists in dealing with unpaid debt. Unlike other options, debt collection agencies deal with debt every day, have heard every excuse and know every trick in the book. They know exactly what to do to get your debt paid quickly.

Escalate seriousness

Seeking the help of a debt collection agency can prove invaluable in the collection of unpaid debt. Third-party intervention delivers the message that there is no more time to waste, no matter the type of debt. Goods or Services unpaid? Rent overdue?
Instruct the experts for speedy results and no more delays.

  • "Absolutely brilliant service from the start! Would highly recommend using this company for any future business. Many thanks for your fast and efficient service!"

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    A61 Bathrooms Ltd
  • "The money that has been owed us for the past 6 month, I believe has been collected within a week of setting up our account."

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    Howick Forge
  • "Quick, reliable and efficient, brilliant guys who regularly contact you in delivering your case into a victory."

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    Joe Winn
  • "Over the moon with my account manager. Understanding and easy to talk to. Put me at ease from the get go. Thanks."

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  • "Excellent customer service. Super friendly and helpful. One less stress to worry about."

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  • "Got straight to the point and sorted the payments out with ease."

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