Frequently Asked Questions

Is it always worth pursuing overdue debts?

Yes, however you want to be sure that you have a reasonable chance of recovering the debt, and that it will justify the expense and effort of pursuing it.

Can I charge interest on overdue debts?

Yes your contract may specify a credit period and how interest will be charged on overdue payments. In addition, commercial debts are covered by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

What do I do if my debtor has absconded?

Most debtors can be traced using a trace or debt recovery company for a nominal fee.

What evidence of the debt do I need to have?

Ideally you will have a written and signed contract. But you may have other documentary evidence - for example, a purchase order or an invoice.

How should I prepare for a court case?

Get as much written evidence as possible, including evidence that you have tried to resolve the dispute.

Does winning a court case guarantee payment?

No. When you win the court case (either because it is undefended or because a dispute has been resolved in your favour) you are awarded 'Judgment'. However there are further steps you can take once you have Judgment e.g. High Court Enforcement, Attachment to Earnings, Charging Order or Winding Up Petition.

Why choose Debt Collection?

Cost effective solution

As a professional service, debt collection is extremely cost-effective. Debt collection offers you a team of highly-trained professionals dealing with all areas of contact, collection and mediation giving you peace of mind in knowing your debts are being handled.

Access expert knowledge

Choosing debt collection not only saves you time and money, it also gives you the true specialists in dealing with unpaid debt. Unlike other options, debt collection agencies deal with debt every day, have heard every excuse and know every trick in the book. They know exactly what to do to get your debt paid quickly.

Escalate seriousness

Seeking the help of a debt collection agency can prove invaluable in the collection of unpaid debt. Third-party intervention delivers the message that there is no more time to waste, no matter the type of debt. Goods or Services unpaid? Rent overdue?
Instruct the experts for speedy results and no more delays.

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